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Thursday, 03.23.2017, 3:15 AM
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DragonBall Z Sparking Limit
[ · Download from mirror (213.66mb) ] 07.29.2009, 1:10 PM
Un joc Mugen 3D

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Category: My files | Added by: dbz-naruto | Tags: Dragon Ball Z
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Total comments: 2
Interesting and I don't really agree with the<a href="http://ppwkxudx.com"> vwiopeint</a> posted. I'm half Cantonese, and I found the movie refreshing. I mean, a movie with no white people in it, being shown across America and in white communities that's pretty great to me, and yes, a sign of progress. Also, I felt that it being set in China was also nice. There are so many people who are curious about what China looks like (beyond the Forbidden City) and the scenes they shot were rather authentic of a typical neighborhood. (I'm so sick of seeing the Forbidden City in movies) Also it portrays a hidden reality of children whose parents lug them to a different country (either immigration or for work as ex-pats) this happens with increasing frequency these days, and the emotional toll on children goes unnoticed. So this spotlight on a business woman (ahem, not a white male) relocating for a great job but what this does to the child I think it was great.Yeah, I think the girl was a little annoying, but it's pretty accurate from what I've experienced that Chinese girls, yes, are very much controlled by their parents. I don't know. My other racial half isn't black, so I can't speak too well on what POC who are black will think and react. However, I found it really nice to have a movie with Chinese people and a protagonist who wasn't white. Granted, yes, the American kid turns out to beat the Chinese at their own game, which is quite nationalistic, but no movie is going to hit every sensitivity nail on the head. Just like no person is going to be walking around hitting every racial/sex/class/nationality nail on the head, either. Having a blockbuster hit with no white people is significant enough for me. I'm expecting there to be more, with further -isms addressed.

Haha. I woke up down today. You've cheeerd me up!

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