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Thursday, 03.23.2017, 3:12 AM
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Views: 509 | Dimensions: 1024x768px/207.2Kb | Rating: 0.0/0
Date: 08.08.2009 | Added by: dbz-naruto
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that POCs can dialogue <a href="">wituoht</a> the presence of white characters. Not every narrative needs a white guy. After all, interactions do not need white mediators and there are many white films that do not include characters of color. Why should every movie include a whitecharacter? In addition, on this site we refrain from referring to calling out incidents of white privilege as "racist". This is a discussion about a particular movie and how different readers felt about its racial sensitivity/inclinations. I think your comment is not only derailing, it is offensive. No one has asked you to "be on [our] side, rather, if you are on this site you should be fighting to be more inclusive of children of color as well. No one is fighting for the absence of your children you must admit that most movies feature children that are white as the main character and there is nothing wrong with advocating for more children of color to be included. No one is telling you, specifically, to be more inclusive, but you seem to be getting very defensive. This site is a safe space for people of color (and white people) to discuss race <a href="">wituoht</a> getting defensive or derailing the discussion. Please read our commenting policy before continuing to comment here.]

I cynically <a href="">belveie</a> that Jaden Smith was only cast in this role because of his influential parents. I thought that his acting ability was nominal.I think the real reason that should not take your child to see Karate Kid is because the acting was weak and the naturally predictable plot was even more boring than expected. The beginning of the movie dragged on, the kid was an outsider, he was bullied, and that point was made way too many time. Oh, and yes the title lied, it was not karate at all.I realize that this was not the point of your article. For being an anti-racist parent you don't seem to mind assigning children to simple categories and then imagining what they will think. What will the Asian children think? What will the black children think? You have neat answers for these questions but really they are your own ideas and perhaps not shared by children who may just enjoy the simple pleasure of cheering for the underdog not matter what race/sex/religion that person happens to be.For the record, my children are Asian/American and practice Shotokan karate, not Kung Fu. I am trying to teach my children to love and respect all people and I think our family does a good job with this. I think your thoughtful commentary was very valuable but wonder if obsessing like this plants the very ideas that we want to avoid in our minds and the minds of our children. Instead we could discuss how the separate cultures came together in a respectful way, for example when the girl's father finally accepted the boy. It seemed to me a classic story of the outsider who gains acceptance into a foreign culture and there is nothing to be gained by over analyzing it.

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